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This series of twelve lectures will introduce students to the first two centuries of American history. From the settlement of Jamestown (1607) to the period following the Civil War known as the Reconstruction (1877), America experienced a continuous transformation. Combining chronological and thematic approaches, this introductory course will cover key topics such as British colonization, the origins of the American Revolution or the march toward the Civil War. 

  • Lecture 1 & 2 : The peculiar challenges of American history

  • Lectures 3 & 4 : Colonial America

  • Lectures 5 & 6 : Slavery and abolitionism

  • Lectures 7 & 8 : The other Americans

  • Lectures 9 & 10 : Tocqueville's America

Lectures 11 & 12 : Westward expansion


  • Études anglophones



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