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This course first consists of a series of six lectures designed to complete the historical and political background of third-year undergraduate students. After a brief overview of political and institutional developments since the 1930’s, the lectures will closely examine all major federal institutions: the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidency. American politics, national and local, will also be covered this semester.

Compétences visées

The tutorial course is meant to enable students to confront their theoretical knowledge to
 contemporary issues. In each class, secondary source documents will be used to initiate a discussion of current topics ranging from the presidential election, the future of political parties to recent trends in American federalism.


  • Études anglophones


American Politics and Society, 10th Edition de David McKay. Wiley, 2021.
 Une bibliographie et d’autres ressources seront communiquées aux étudiants via une page Moodle dédiée.


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